Rapids Team

What a fantastic time Mrs Moran and I have had with the Rapids team. All the children have truly excelled themselves by overcoming an abundance of challenges, obstacles and fears! We have all not stopped laughing or squealing in excitement(or fear) together for the last 3 days and we have all had an absolutely fabulous time. The children have attacked every challenge with determination, confidence, teamwork, perseverance and tenacity; we really couldn’t have asked for any more from them. They are an absolute credit to the school and their families and it has been a pleasure and privilege to see the children grow over the last 3 days!

I have asked each child for a word to sum up their Robinwood experience and here is what they came up with:
The muddiest I’ve ever been
Scary and fun
Adventurous and mashed potato.

Thankyou children for a brilliant trip and thankyou to Miss Boyle, Mrs Moran, Miss Sander and Mrs Williams/Mrs Jones for their help and support over the last few days!

I am so proud to be able to call you my class this year and I can’t wait for you to bring what you have learnt into your learning and make this year one to remember!

Thanks for an awesome trip,

Mr Norton

Robinwood Return – ETA

Due to a little bit of traffic, our timings have changed. Our expected time of arrival is 5pm. We will keep you updated with any changes along our journey! 
Updated ETA: 5:20

Lakes – the third and final day!

Team Lake have had the most fantastic 3 days at Robinwood. There have been a lot of fears overcome; a lot of challenges set and achieved; an awful lot of giggles; teamwork; resilience and courage. It has been an absolute privilege to have been able to share the experience with Year 6, and I am so proud of everything that they have achieved! 

Thank you to Mr Norton and to Year 6 for allowing me to be a part of these fantastic few days and I hope lots of rest and sleep takes place this weekend! 

Miss Boyle 🙂

The journey home

Hello everyone,

We have all had a fantastic last day at Robinwood and are now on our way home through the winding hills.

All the children are happy, tired and have had an amazing time.


Mr Norton

Day 3- Breakfast

Good morning everyone,

All the children slept really well last night after a fantastic and full day of activities! We are all just tucking into breakfast before starting the 1st of our remaining challenges.

River-Day 2

Some more Rapids photos

Good eveing everyone,

The final activities were great and the children have just had a nice hot chocolate before bed!

Below are some of the photos from the Rapids activities!

Lakes day 2!

Day 2 Robinwood update

Good evening everyone,

We have had another cracking day so far and the children are just eating their tea; Chicken tikka curry or pizza!

Today, the children have not stopped amazing us with their perseverance and tenacity when taking part in the different activities, working hard to overcome their fears in particular on the Giant Swing and Zip Line.

Unfortunately, we are having problems connecting the devices that have the photos on from Lake and River group to the WIFI. We have two more activities to go then we will try again to upload all of the photos from their groups.

Mr Norton, Miss Boyle, Miss Sander and Mrs Moran

Rapids Morning Day 2

Hello everyone,

We have had a brilliant morning in Rapids group on the Nightline and Zip line activities! We are all now sitting down for lunch before our next activities!

Breakfast time!

Good morning everyone,

The children all had a great nights sleep and are now all up, washed, dressed and tucking into breakfast!

We have an action packed day ahead full of 7 team building activities!

We will keep you posted throughout the day as best as we can!


Mr Norton

The first day

Good evening everyone,

We have all had an amazing day and the children are now tucked up in bed with lights out. They have shown some fantastic teamwork, tenacity and problem solving during the activities where they have all worked hard to support each other (and the teachers). They have all made a brilliant start to their Robinwood journey and we can’t wait till tomorrow!


Mr Norton, Miss Boyle, Miss Sander and Mrs Moran.

Rapids and River photos- Day 1

Sorry for the late submission, the iPad has been playing up!

Lake Day 1

Rapids Day 1

Some pictures from Rapids Day 1, more to follow!

Tea time

Good evening,

We have had a busy and action packed day full with a range of activities! Miss Sander arrived just before we began so she has been able to join in with her group!
All the children have had fun and are just settling down to eat their tea. There is no service and only wifi in a certain building so blogging frequently is tricky as us adults are with our groups during the activities! We will aim to upload some more photos this evening!


Mr Norton

The bus ride

Into the last leg of the journey now; we’re all enjoying some tunes on the bus courtesy of Mrs Jones!

Click the link below for the video…


Service stop off

Hello everyone,

We’ve just stopped off on the way for a quick toilet and fresh air break.

We are roughly 1:30 mins from Robinwood, so not long to go now!


Mr Norton and co.

The night before Robinwood…

Good evening everyone,

I hope the children are excited and getting an early night before the next action packed couple of days!

Just a quick reminder of a few things prior to departure:
Arrive at school for 7am where the children need to make their way into the hall to register with a member of staff located at the right hand side of the hall.
Once registered, they must collect their named luggage tag from the same tables and attach it to their main bag/suitcase.
Any last minute medication must go to Mrs Moran accompanied with the appropriate medical form that has been completed (there will be some available).

Where we are staying:
Robinwood Barhaugh Hall

From previous experience, the Wifi isn’t the greatest at Barhaugh Hall but we will endeavour to update the blog as much as possible!

Looking forward to seeing everyone bright and early tomorrow morning,

Mr Norton

Nursery Teddy Bear Picnic

Thank you for attending out Teddy Bear Picnic on Tuesday. We had a lovely time!

Teamwork at Greave!

It is so nice to see the Year 5 children working with Year 1 to help them up level and review their story writing. Such great TEAMWORK!!! 🙂 🙂


Great Greave British Picnic

We had fun playing on the bouncy castles at the Great Greave British Picnic. A fun-filled, exciting and wonderful day was had by all! We look forward to our Teddy Bear Picnic on Monday 10th July at 11am. Please RSVP to Miss. Metcalfe as to whether or not you can attend. We hope you can make it!

Tatton Park School Trip

We had a lovely time on our school trip to Tatton Park. We saw lots of different farm animals and learnt a lot about them. We also had a picnic and played on the adventure playground.

Thank you very much to all the parent helpers who were able to attend and support us with the trip.

Year 1 Sea Life Adventure!

Today Year 1 have had a fantastic day and learnt lots of exciting things about life under the sea! 

Waterfall – Day three

Day three started with the invigorating ‘Stream Walk‘ – where, unfortunately, we couldn’t take photographic equipment (iPads) – due to being fully submerged in the activity,

After wonderfully hot showers, we headed off to experience caving – using proper caving head torches.

Our very last activity was one of the most testing, when it came to nerves… ‘The Trapeze‘. There are some fantastic videos demonstrating children overcoming their fears and developing trust – I will see if I can get these on the blog back at school.

Spring group

Spring group day 3

Waterfall – Day Two continued

Spring day 2

Waterfall – Day Two, so far…

We’ve been super busy today and there’s still more to come!
busy b

Rapids – Day One – trying again!

Rapids – Day One

Huge apologies, we have a jittery iPad and are struggling to get it to behave. Please bear with us whilst we keep trying – we will use an alternative iPad for that group today and get sone up ASAP.