Thank you to all parents who stayed to help with our decoration morning! Our outdoor area looks very festive (and soggy!!!) ???✨☔️


First term in Y3

What a great start to year 3!

The term was jam packed full of learning from poetry in English to the introduction of 3 digit numbers in maths, and everything in between.

The children are becoming more confident in Forest School with lovely reports coming from the ‘Forest In The Dip’ that the children’s independence and creativity is growing with each session. Much of their Forest School work has been linked to our Stone Age topic, not least with their super Stone Age tool creations…pics below.

We ended the term with an educational visit from a local geologist, to celebrate the science work the children have done on Rocks and Soils. It was such an exciting day, I think you can tell from the photographs that the children had a super day!


Year 1 Fairytale Baking Day

Year 1 had a fantastic day creating fairy tale biscuits linked to our traditional tales theme. The children created their own three little pigs, a wolf and Red Riding Hood. They did lots of weighing and measuring and learnt how to create dough and decorate their biscuits. They will soon be ready to appear on the The Great British Bake Off!!! 



Learning in Year 6

Hello everyone,

Us digital leaders will try and keep the blog updated to show you some of the work we are doing:here’s some pictures of using short multiplication, creating a problem, completing activities in guided reading and planning our narratives.


Robinwood Update

Just past Junction 8 at Chorley. Due to traffic ETA is now between 7:15-7:30pm. Can we please ask all parents/carers that are collecting children to keep the road outside school clear for the coach to park to avoid further delays. Thank you

Pit Stop

Quick stop at the services for toilet break. ETA for Robinwood coach is now currently between 7- 7:15pm.

We are on the way!

Just an update to let parents/carers know that ETA for the Robinwood coach is 6:30-6:45pm.

Waterfall day 2

It’s been a busy day….

climbing wall, challenge course, canoeing, piranha pool, crate challenge & big swing! ?? The children have been great!

Avalanche Team: Day Two

Good evening everyone,

Avalanche Team have had a brilliant day full of fun, laughter and the conquering of fears! They have shown their skills in archery, their team work in the piranha pool and perseverance on the climbing wall and trapeze. It was great to see the children filling each other with confidence and expressing how they believed in each other when facing the daunting giant swing.

They have now had their hot chocolate and have gone off to bed for the night after another cracking day.

Mr N

Stream: Day 2!

Stream have had a cracking day and conquered lots of fears. They have done rock climbing, an assault course, night line, giant swing, caving, zip wire and piranha pool. Everyone is very tired and ready for a rest before tomorrow’s adventures.

Spring: Day Two

Today has been fantastic. We started with the crate challenge, followed by a night line adventure. The rest of our day included canooing, raft building, completing a knight’s quest, conquering the piranha pool and ending with a nighttime trip along the zipwire.




Hello everyone,

A cracking morning for all of the groups who have taken part in an abundance of activities.

Photos of the activities will be uploaded this evening when all the activities have finished.


The Year 6 Robinwood Team.

We’ve got a beautiful day for activities!☀️

Morning staff selfie!


We’re ready for the day ahead!! Have we got all the staff?


Climbing to start our day!

Day Two

Good morning everyone,

The children are up bright and early, ready to eat their breakfast then go for a full day of activities!


The Year 6 Robinwood Team

A few from Stream group!

Stream group

Stream group have had a go at trapeze, completed a crate challenge and taken part in archery. They have all challenged themselves and worked well as a team!

Spring group day 1

Spring group have had a great day! We’ve done caving, archery and even had a go at a trapeze. We are looking forward to tomorrow for a new day of adventures!


Avalanche Team: Day One

Good evening everyone,

The children have had an action-packed first day from zip wiring to assault courses to the knights quest. They have just had hot chocolate and biscuits, and are now settling down in their rooms.

Avalanche team have been brilliant and here are some photos below…


Mr N

Waterfall group

We have arrived!!

Hello everyone,

We have arrived safely, eaten lunch and are just about to head off for our first activity!

WiFi is limited but we will aim to keep you posted!

Year 6 Robinwood Team

Robinwood: first leg of the journey!

Hoorah!! We are on the blog!

After crawling past Morrison’s and waving at our family and friends on the way, we are finally on the motorway near Prestwich. We will endeavour to keep you updated with what we get up to.

Year 6 Robinwood Team

Up-cycling Instruments

Through our work on Rosie Revere Engineer, Year 4 have been inventing their own percussion instruments using other people’s rubbish.

The results were amazing and we invited a sound engineer from Stockport Music Services in to record us playing our compositions.


Birds – Floella Y4

The Solar System – by Floella Y4

Solar System

Oh Solar System I stare at you all night,
With Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and more.
With your friends of other universes of many kind.
Oh Solar System you are never alone.

By Floella – year 4

Stars – by Floella Y4


Stars, stars
How beautiful you are!
I reach up to you stars
And grab you in my arms
I smile at you stars
With my head held high.
Oh stars, oh stars
How lovely you are
Hanging in the  gorgeous moonlit sky.

By Floella – year 4

Greave’s Green Eco-Team

Today we had our first meeting of the new year. We talked about what we needed to do in order to carry out our school environmental review.

The team split into subteams, including: recycling, litter, energy, water, school grounds and biodiversity.

Watch this space to see what the review highlights as our next steps!


Super Scarecrows

Year 4 worked incredibly creatively and cooperatively to make a superb scarecrow.

As we had been exploring the epic poem, Beowulf, we decided to have a Beowulf scarecrow – holding onto the arm of the hideous monster, Grendel.


Forest School – muddy settlement fun

Exploring the Character Rosie Revere – Y4

Year 4 have been exploring the character of Rosie Revere Engineer and thinking about her thoughts and feelings at different stages in her life.

Maths Museum

To explore fractions in year 4, we have been creating maths museums of all the different ways to show a fraction. We used all sorts of different materials and thought creatively.

What effect do different liquids have on teeth?

Year 4 have been learning about teeth and digestion.

We set up an experiment to explore the effect that different liquids have on teeth – and the subsequent effect of what would happen if we didn’t look after our teeth.

Instead of using teeth, we used something with a similar make up: chicken drumsticks.

We used: Coca-Cola, malt vinegar, milk, water and no liquid

Coca-Cola and vinegar

Vinegar and milk

Water and nothing

Our results after three days!


Blodin the Beast drama

As part of our immersive narrative this half-term we are exploring invaders and settlers. Our main text is Blodin the Beast by Michael Morpurgo – our satellite text is Michael Morpurgo’s version of Beowulf.

The following photos are of the dances we created in groups and then taught each other – we were telling the story of Blodin through the different sections of the combined dances.

Today we have been acting out the character of Blodin and the reaction of the villagers when he invaded.


Year 4 Yoga

Year 4 showed fantastic listening skills and followed instructions carefully during our yoga session this week. The children commented on how much calmer they felt after the session.

Blodin the Beast

This week year 4 have started to explore the text, ‘Blodin the Beast’. We got in to role as Blodin to explore him as a character – then shared our thoughts and feelings about him.



Map-tastic Year 4

Year 4 were challenged to work in teams and as a class to solve a puzzle…

… a map of Europe.

Tomorrow we get to finally piece all the individual teams’ strips together!

Barnaby Bat flies to Year 4

As a class Christmas gift this year the children voted to choose an animal to adopt. We went through a democratic process and the animal chosen was Barnaby – a Livingstone’s Fruit Bat.

Livingstones Fruit Bat @ Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Barnaby lives at Jersey Zoo and is part of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust but has sent us a soft toy version of himself, who is currently roosting in our classroom.

Here’s a little bit of information taken from their website:

Click here to see Barnaby in flight!

How Durrell helps Livingstone’s fruit bats

The first Livingstone’s bats arrived at Durrell in 1992, the species had never been kept in captivity before and bats had to be brought from the steep forested slopes that they call home. This was a difficult exercise and it took four expeditions to catch enough bats for a successful start to the captive breeding programme designed to safeguard the species from being wiped out.

About Durrell

‘Durrell’ is an international charity dedicated to ‘Saving Species From Extinction’. Founded by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell, we’ve been saving some of the world’s most endangered animals for over half a century. Through our Wildlife Park in Jersey, conservation academies in Mauritius and Jersey, and 45 field projects worldwide, our unique approach tackles conservation from all angles.

About Durrell

‘Durrell’ is an international charity dedicated to ‘Saving Species From Extinction’. Founded by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell, we’ve been saving some of the world’s most endangered animals for over half a century. Through our Wildlife Park in Jersey, conservation academies in Mauritius and Jersey, and 45 field projects worldwide, our unique approach tackles conservation from all angles.

Deva – IV annos singulos

Wow, what a fantastic day year four had exploring Roman Chester. From marching in formation and creating a wall of shields to interpreting Latin and mosaics – we had a superb action packed day.

All the children were perfect representatives of Greave School and made all the Greave staff accompanying the visit incredibly proud!

Tree planting in Year 4 – day 2

Forensic Fingerprint Fun

Year 4 were challenged by our local police to create a piece of art for the walls in the police station.
When we were exploring things to do with the police we thought of fingerprints that are taken by the police when they arrest people.
Fingerprints were chosen as the theme for our painting.
First we printed our fingerprints and then we made them into police themes – including walkie-talkies, flashing blue lights and police dogs.

Bronze Award from the Woodland Trust

Greave has now obtained the Bronze Award from the Woodland Trust in relation to our involvement in learning about trees – including planting trees.

Well done to Year 4 for this week’s tree planting and a big thank you to Miss Clayton, Mr Houlihan and Mrs McKenzie for helping us.