Teamwork at Greave!

It is so nice to see the Year 5 children working with Year 1 to help them up level and review their story writing. Such great TEAMWORK!!! 🙂 🙂


Great Greave British Picnic

We had fun playing on the bouncy castles at the Great Greave British Picnic. A fun-filled, exciting and wonderful day was had by all! We look forward to our Teddy Bear Picnic on Monday 10th July at 11am. Please RSVP to Miss. Metcalfe as to whether or not you can attend. We hope you can make it!

Tatton Park School Trip

We had a lovely time on our school trip to Tatton Park. We saw lots of different farm animals and learnt a lot about them. We also had a picnic and played on the adventure playground.

Thank you very much to all the parent helpers who were able to attend and support us with the trip.

Year 1 Sea Life Adventure!

Today Year 1 have had a fantastic day and learnt lots of exciting things about life under the sea! 

Waterfall – Day three

Day three started with the invigorating ‘Stream Walk‘ – where, unfortunately, we couldn’t take photographic equipment (iPads) – due to being fully submerged in the activity,

After wonderfully hot showers, we headed off to experience caving – using proper caving head torches.

Our very last activity was one of the most testing, when it came to nerves… ‘The Trapeze‘. There are some fantastic videos demonstrating children overcoming their fears and developing trust – I will see if I can get these on the blog back at school.

Spring group

Spring group day 3

Waterfall – Day Two continued

Spring day 2

Waterfall – Day Two, so far…

We’ve been super busy today and there’s still more to come!
busy b

Rapids – Day One – trying again!

Rapids – Day One

Huge apologies, we have a jittery iPad and are struggling to get it to behave. Please bear with us whilst we keep trying – we will use an alternative iPad for that group today and get sone up ASAP.

Spring – Day One

Waterfall Group – Day One

End of Day One

Wow what a fantastic first day!

The children have been fantastic working together in teams on the zip wire, climbing wall, nightlife, quest and obstacle course – finished off by biscuits and hot chocolate before bedtime.

Tomorrow is an action packed day with a whopping 7 more activities keeping them busy all the way to bed time!

Photos will follow group by group as they are added from the different iPads – so please be patient.

The children love hearing the messages you write – when we relay them to them – so please feel free to send messages!



Year 6 – We have arrived!

After a slow start (traffic in Bradbury) we escaped to the rolling hills and twisting turns of the Cumbrian / Northumberland hills.

We’ve had a lovely hike to the centre and a picnic whilst we choose our menus for our stay.

It’s now time for getting to grips with the duvets before starting our first activities.

English today!

This afternoon, the children are working hard in groups to identify the features of a problem and resolution written in the style of Beowulf!


This afternoon we had fun testing complete and incomplete circuits. The children predicted what would happen then constructed the circuits. Here are a few pictures from the lesson…

The Final Blog for London 2017

Good evening Parents and children,

What a fantastic trip we have had!!! From going up the London Eye to the 4D cinema experience to MCDonalds, to the amazing Matilda to dancing and singing on the coach and to the awesome activities we did today at PGL. We have all had the most amazing experience and finished our day with a smile on our face!

One final note: Children you were amazing, fantastic, unbelievable and every other positive adjective in the dictionary! The amount of brilliant comments we received about your manners and behaviour from other schools, staff at the venues we went to and general passers by was overwhelming and shows just how fantastic you are, your parents should be proud!! Thankyou for making this trip the best ever, here are two of my fave pics…

This is Mr Norton officially signing off #London2017!

Lost property items

Good evening everyone,

Please see the picture below for 3 items that were left on the coach. Also, please keep an eye out for a Kindle in your child’s suitcase as one has gone missing (and was not left at PGL after extensive searches were undertaken) and we are wondering if someone packed it in their bag by mistake!

Updated ETA


We have hit a little congestion and our estimated ETA is now 07:10pm!


Journey update

Good evening,

We have just had our tea that PGL packed us and are making our way up the M6! The last sign said “64” miles to Manchester, hopefully we should make our estimated ETA of 7pm.



Check the More activities post!


We are adding pictures to the “More activities” post as we speak so keep an eye out for new photos!

Back on bus

Hello Hello,

We are back on the bus ready to set off… we are just waiting for them to drop off our packed lunches ready for the journey home!


Good afternoon,

Lunch was lovely, we had a choice of Beef burger, Cheeseburger or Spicy bean burger with chips and a range of salads!

We are now just finishing off and should be heading back onto the coach soon!

Saying bye to our rooms!

Good afternoon,

We have finished our activities, been to the shop and have just emptied our rooms! The children are saying they want to stay longer which is a clear sign that they have all had lots of fun!



Next stop, lunchtime!!!!


More Activity Pictures

Who is the next Robin Hood?

Now for Archery!

The Giant Swing

My group’s first activity begins, the Giant Swing!   

Breakfast time

Morning everyone,

We have all had a lovely breakfast and are now on our way to complete our two activities: Giant Swing and Archery!


Signal is a bit hit and miss but I will blog as much as I can!



Arrived safely at PGL

Evening everyone,

We have arrived safely at the PGL and everyone is tucked up in bed!

We have all had a fantastic but exhausting day and are ready for some sleep!

Teachers and Year 4 children of Greave officially signing off for the night.

Goodnight everyone!