Year 2

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Y2N – Autumn Exploring

Y2M: London’s Burning

Year 2C – singing under the shelter and sipping hot vimto

Year 2C – Wattle walls in Pudding Lane

Year 2C

A very special visitor!

                                                                      On Thursday 3rd November 2016 a very special visitor came to our school, we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Lauren Child. Lauren came and had a slumber
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Manchester Science Share

Manchester is the European City of Science for 2016 and lots of events have been taking place across the city. Today, 6th July, is the ‘Great Science Share’, when schools across the region will be tweeting and blogging about the some of the Science activities happening in their schools. At Greave we will all be focusing on staying fit and healthy today as we join
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Well done to the Year 2 Science Club!

Another ten children have successfully completed their Crest Star Science Award! They have planned and carried out eight different investigations and have shown that they can work really well as a team. Well done super Scientists!

Science Club

A second group of fantastic Year 2 Scientists have been coming along to Science Club on Tuesday evenings. In the past few weeks they have tested pegs to see which has the best grip, investigated shadows, sorted out some confusing cans and have made and tested tea bags using different materials. They are well on the way to earning their star investigator awards!  
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Yoga in Year 2!!!

Today Year 2 have had a revitalising and relaxing morning practising some Yoga for Children. The children really enjoyed themselves and are slowly becoming little yogis!

Science Club Star Investigator Awards

Congratulations to the Super Scientists in Year 2 who have completed their Star Investigator award! They have completed eight different investigations and have worked really hard. Well done!

Londons Burning!

Today Year 2 had a visit from the local fire department. They came and helped re-create the fire from the Great Fire of London. They then stayed and discussed fire safety with the children. Year 2 had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the experience. IMG_0406

Year 2 Science Club

The new Year 2 Science Club started two weeks ago, and the children are already showing that they are very good at sharing ideas, solving problems and carrying out investigations. They are great at team-work too! Here is a glimpse of what we have been doing at Science Club so far: finding the peg with the strongest grip, and making and testing tea-bags!

Year 2 Trip – Staircase House (The Great Fire of London)

Here are the pictures from our fantastic trip to Staircase House yesterday! Everyone involved with the trip had a fantastic time. I know the children really enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot of new and interesting facts about The Great Fire.  

Cheeky Christmas Chimps – PE

Today Year 2 got an early Christmas treat. They got to show off all their gymnastic skills on the big climbing frame. They had so much fun! Merry Christmas.

Year 2 – Time Hop to 1666

Today Year 2 stepped into a time machine and went back in time to 1666. They found themseles in Thomas Farriner’s Bakery on Pudding Lane. The children soon discovered they had to become ‘bakery apprentices’ and bake a range of dishes from the time of the Great Fire. The children re-created: Stepony – a fruit infused drink. Pease Pottage – a soup dish. Spotted
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Year 1 & 2 Nativity Homework from 20/11/15

Dear Parents, Please find attached samples of the songs we are asking the children to learn for homework this week. Please let us know if you have any problems. Thanks Mr Smith & Mrs Whitney IMG_0209 Shepherds Dance IMG_0210 A Star a Stable & Me

Reading buddies – Year 2 and Year 6

Year 2 and Year 6 have been spending time together reading to each other and giving each other feedback. The children have had a fantastic time and have enjoyed working together.  

Year 1 & 2 Nativity Songs

Dear Parents & Children Here are the two extracts of the tracks for the songs we are asking the children to practise for homework this week. Please let us know if you have any problems with them. Mr Smith & Mrs Whitney Long ago and far away: IMG_0175 Let all the people rejoice: IMG_0176

Welcome Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 blog! We have been working hard on our Fire of London topic. We have been learning all about the life of people in 1666. Today we made some tasty biscuits that were referenced in Samuel Pepys Diary. We have also been learning all about Newspaper writing and we will be writing our fantastic newspaper articles soon!