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Y4G Remember Remember…

City of Trees: Trees for Learning with Y4 & Y5 – Eco-Schools Biodiversity

On Tuesday 29th October we were joined by Manchester City of Trees – who aim to plant 3 million trees across Greater Manchester. Years 4 and 5 planted approximately 150 trees on the bank along the edge of our school field. Compressing the earth well to avoid air gaps and finishing with a doughnut shaped mulch of woodchippings around the base, for a boost
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Year 4 – Christmas crafting

Year 4 – Team twig towers

Year 4 Forest School in the morning mist

Up-cycling Instruments

Through our work on Rosie Revere Engineer, Year 4 have been inventing their own percussion instruments using other people’s rubbish. The results were amazing and we invited a sound engineer from Stockport Music Services in to record us playing our compositions.  

Birds – Floella Y4

The Solar System – by Floella Y4

Solar System Oh Solar System I stare at you all night, With Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and more. With your friends of other universes of many kind. Oh Solar System you are never alone. By Floella – year 4

Stars – by Floella Y4

Stars Stars, stars How beautiful you are! I reach up to you stars And grab you in my arms I smile at you stars With my head held high. Oh stars, oh stars How lovely you are Hanging in the  gorgeous moonlit sky. By Floella – year 4

Super Scarecrows

Year 4 worked incredibly creatively and cooperatively to make a superb scarecrow. As we had been exploring the epic poem, Beowulf, we decided to have a Beowulf scarecrow – holding onto the arm of the hideous monster, Grendel. UPDATE: WE WON THE CLASS SCARECROW PRIZE!

Forest School – muddy settlement fun

Exploring the Character Rosie Revere – Y4

Year 4 have been exploring the character of Rosie Revere Engineer and thinking about her thoughts and feelings at different stages in her life.

Maths Museum

To explore fractions in year 4, we have been creating maths museums of all the different ways to show a fraction. We used all sorts of different materials and thought creatively.

What effect do different liquids have on teeth?

Year 4 have been learning about teeth and digestion. We set up an experiment to explore the effect that different liquids have on teeth – and the subsequent effect of what would happen if we didn’t look after our teeth. Instead of using teeth, we used something with a similar make up: chicken drumsticks. We used: Coca-Cola, malt vinegar, milk, water and no liquid
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Blodin the Beast drama

As part of our immersive narrative this half-term we are exploring invaders and settlers. Our main text is Blodin the Beast by Michael Morpurgo – our satellite text is Michael Morpurgo’s version of Beowulf. The following photos are of the dances we created in groups and then taught each other – we were telling the story of Blodin through the different sections of the
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Year 4 Yoga

Year 4 showed fantastic listening skills and followed instructions carefully during our yoga session this week. The children commented on how much calmer they felt after the session.

Blodin the Beast

This week year 4 have started to explore the text, ‘Blodin the Beast’. We got in to role as Blodin to explore him as a character – then shared our thoughts and feelings about him.    

Map-tastic Year 4

Year 4 were challenged to work in teams and as a class to solve a puzzle… … a map of Europe. Tomorrow we get to finally piece all the individual teams’ strips together!

Barnaby Bat flies to Year 4

As a class Christmas gift this year the children voted to choose an animal to adopt. We went through a democratic process and the animal chosen was Barnaby – a Livingstone’s Fruit Bat. Barnaby lives at Jersey Zoo and is part of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust but has sent us a soft toy version of himself, who is currently roosting in our classroom.
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Deva – IV annos singulos

Wow, what a fantastic day year four had exploring Roman Chester. From marching in formation and creating a wall of shields to interpreting Latin and mosaics – we had a superb action packed day. All the children were perfect representatives of Greave School and made all the Greave staff accompanying the visit incredibly proud!

Tree planting in Year 4 – day 2

Forensic Fingerprint Fun

Year 4 were challenged by our local police to create a piece of art for the walls in the police station. When we were exploring things to do with the police we thought of fingerprints that are taken by the police when they arrest people. Fingerprints were chosen as the theme for our painting. First we printed our fingerprints and then we made them
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Bronze Award from the Woodland Trust

Greave has now obtained the Bronze Award from the Woodland Trust in relation to our involvement in learning about trees – including planting trees. Well done to Year 4 for this week’s tree planting and a big thank you to Miss Clayton, Mr Houlihan and Mrs McKenzie for helping us.

Year 4’s European Afternoon: Denmark

As part of a culture exchange, year 4 were visited by children (and their teachers) from a school in Denmark. They shared with us all about school and life in Denmark.     Fab facts: No school dinners – only packed lunch No school uniform School day is 8am – 1.30pm There is just one school – age 6 – 15 Denmark has a
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Forest School Tree Planting

105 woodland trees were planted by the treerific year 4 children (and supported by Miss Clayton, Mr Houlihan and Mrs McKenzie). What a fantastic morning – amazing team work!

A superbly muddy Forest School – Year 4

Forest School Hallowe’en Special – Year 4

Forest School week 3 – Year 4

What a beautiful morning we woke up to this morning! Year 4 set off in high spirits to collect fallen twigs, sticks and branches from around the school grounds to tidy up after the powerful storm of yesterday.

Clay tiles for leaf identification


Wangdoodle – Floella

A mysterious, magical creature that rules the Forrest of Sin. His personality is eating and sleeping. His diet is mostly tuna, rats and male humans (he doesn’t like female humans because they are too chewy). The wangdoodle looks like a very tiny baby elephant because he looks like an elephant but he is only one foot tall! He walks very slowly on all 4`s.
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The Wangdoodle – Willow

The wangdoodle  stood at the end of the cliff and that cliff was at the end of the forest, the forest of sin. Where did he come from? Nobody knows. What does he look like? Nobody knows. He is actually  friendly but because he is in the forest of sin everyone thinks he must be cruel.

Wangdoodle – Emily

What is this mystical magical mischievous creature that lives in a dark gloomy cave. Mysterious mischievous Wangdoodle lives in a cave near the smelly damp disgraceful bog of the forest of sin. The Wangdoodle moves and swings though the trees and runs superfast. He also glides across the water but not the water that he melts in. He has four legs that are exactly
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Spittler – Robyn

The pink, fluffy, purple winged Spittler moves like a snake when it wants to be slow and rolls when it wants to be quick!! The orange nosed spittler likes to hit people with her wings. She lives in a slimy oak tree with small fruit trees in it!! She likes to explore other places not just the forest of sin. She likes to eat
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Knife splatter – Joshua

A knife splatter is a terrible visious creature that lives in the forest of sin. A knife splatter looks like a rhinoe with no horn. A knife splatter has a crystal head like the blue sky. This monster is useful because it has more than six thousand shark teeth that shine like the sun and heale. You will know if you see one because
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Seaflippster – Ella

Spooky, scary  Seaflippster. She has dimond teeth that are strong, sharp  deadly that glisan in the shining sunlight. Her eyes are made of deep blue crystals that twinkle in the blinding light. Her flippers are short and have tiny sharp pointes at the end that sting people. If you get stung you will be badly hurt. She is dolphin like and spotty. She is
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Crackledoggle – Sofia

The dangerous, deadly Crackledoggle lives deep in the dark and gloomy forest of sin. The Crackledoggle is a savage, bloodthirsty wild beast. The Crackledoggle is 5 meters and 90 centimetres tall. It has leapord printed fur all slimy and wet. He has ears as big as an elephants. He also has gigantic wings like a bats wings that have pink and blue stripes. The
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The Spittler – Caitlyn

The Spittler has dry solid fur on his feet and legs. The Spittler has seven very long legs. His legs are super 100 meters tall. The Spittler’s legs glow in the dark. His front legs are tangerine coloured and his back legs are golden. He is very very clumsy,evil and stupid.  The Spittler has long purple ears. The Spittler’s dead dry  solid fur they
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Mellowmorc – Isaac

Deadly, damp Mellowmorc. He’s a dangerous monster – a devilish critter. He lives in a storm cloud he can float through anything. He likes to eat fresh or rotten meat he has loads of friends and he is so deadly one look you could die if he doesn’t like you and is it’s bored it goes wild. He’s red and orange and light blue
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This is a terrible creature that is only found in the mystereous Forest of Sin. The Hornswoggler smells like dirty clothes. It is very big with 3 horns and 83 legs. The Hornswoggler can live anywhere and I mean anywhere, whether it’s in the middle of nowhere, on top of a school or under water. Sophie

Looplick – Ted

This is an amazing description of a Looplick. It has a heal beam and a rainbow travel gun. It has night vision it drinks personality is orange juice and blackurrant juice. It eats apples bananas and strawberry. Its grapes helping people its good and friendly. It moves as fast as a car and walks as people. It sleeps in a house. its as big
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Lazer Jumper – Haziqah

A mean horrifying beast called the Lazer Jumper. He is brown with purple eyes and he also has some glitter on him. The Lazer Jumper likes to eat all babies, humans and children because all humans killed all Lazer Jumper. The Lazer Jumper is 3 foot tall it is a really small Lazer Jumper that is why nobody can find him and He move
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Chocolatey – Erin

This is about  a ugly, black monster that can climb trees and rip up grass and dig a  hole but the thing you didn’t know about a ramper is its real name is a chocalatey but it’s a trick! It pretends to be an ugly monster but it is still very horrible  but  he  actually smells like a yummy;  delicious  chocolate monster. He actually
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Shock Waggler – Darcy

THE HORRIFING CREATUR THAT ARCIOLAJISTS HAVE BEEN STUDING  FOR YEARS . The shock waggler is a creature that can be friendly but sometimes can be naughty. His or she`s personality is it has no friends so it can be lonely. The creature is lumpy bumpy slimy and black. It is as tall as 2 mrs smith. The creature eats fresh meet and cactuses. It
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Spitler two slime – Sophie

This is my description of the spitler  two slime He has the longest seven bloodcurdling legs in the world and the spitler two slime has the three teriffing,  hairy looking that bleands in with his black and dark green fluffy ball but when you come to it you will regret it. It will spit slime at you! He has the head of a rat
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