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Year 6 Campfire Toffee Apples

Year 6’s Weekly Update

This week in English we have been using a good example of a flashback from the war, which links with our topic, to help us scaffold our own writing.  We have analysed the text together as a class, as well as independently, and we have used our senses to create description about a photo. In Guided Reading we have been exploring Boudicca, Bringer of
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Year 6!

This week in Year 6, we have been focusing on spelling the suffixes ‘ful’, ‘-ness’, ‘-ly’ and ‘-less’ correctly.  We have discussed how the suffixes have an impact on the root words and are going to work hard to make sure that these are spelled correctly in our writing. In Maths this week we have been focusing on addition and subtraction.  We used dienes,
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Learning in Year 6

Hello everyone, Us digital leaders will try and keep the blog updated to show you some of the work we are doing:here’s some pictures of using short multiplication, creating a problem, completing activities in guided reading and planning our narratives.

A very special visitor!

                                                                      On Thursday 3rd November 2016 a very special visitor came to our school, we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Lauren Child. Lauren came and had a slumber
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Freddy Fit with Years 5 and 6

PCSO visit Y6

Year 6 have had John and Paul in to talk all about transition from year 6 to year 7. We’ve found out all about our responsibilities and what is legal and illegal.

Manchester Science Share

Manchester is the European City of Science for 2016 and lots of events have been taking place across the city. Today, 6th July, is the ‘Great Science Share’, when schools across the region will be tweeting and blogging about the some of the Science activities happening in their schools. At Greave we will all be focusing on staying fit and healthy today as we join
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Brooke – Forest School Poem

We got in teams and made a shrine To the Greek god of choice ‘Till we ran out of time We wove the grass In and out Even though the sticks wobbled about We collected grass for the floor Unfortunately we forgot the door We collected our symbols An ‘apple’,’shell’ and a ‘crown’ That was our day at forest schools We enjoyed it ‘cos
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Harvey – Chemistry with Cabbage

On the 24th of June Greave Primary School had a visit from chemistry with cabbage. They were taught about how the cells when mixed with water can react to acid. Many things that we eat are weak acids for example vinegar, juice, sauces, sour sweets, fizzy drinks and vitamin C. Neutral: water is neutral, so is sugar solution. Salt is neutral but the chemicals
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Science poem – Daisy

So fun Creativity helps Interesting Explainable is not a word Never any boundaries Creative people go further in life Expect success

Devon – Forest School

Forest school is fun!  You get to play in the mud, sometimes. And make dens. Talk to oh mighty tree. Make tree spirits To scare away any other people. Today we made A grave for an ancient God Me Saskia and Milli made a love heart For the ancient God of love and beauty. She is called Athrodites.

Saskia – Forest School

Forest school …we were shall I began ? Are teachers take us down to the mighty tree and see if the mighty tree will let us in ? We Bow and then we enter.we start off with a great game 123 we’re are you 123 were here then we make a big sircal and sticky feet then out of clay we made tree spirits
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Erin – Forest School

We walked along the muddy grass not knowing what will happen, O mighty tree we prayed. First we played an amazing game called. 123 where are you after that we did sticky feet in a circle, Our instructions were to make a god or goddess out of a video we watched before we came out  but all we could make it out of was
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Ben’s Hayfever Forest School Poem

On Wednesday 22nd of June, class 6 had their lesson of forest school. I did not enjoy it very much, having hay fever sucks. At the start we played a game at the end, we played it again. Then we made tree spirits from clay, on the trees they lay. They were supposed to scare people away, so we could come back another day.
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Lauren’s Forest School Poem

In forest schools there is lots to do; Building, surviving and sitting in dog poo! Amongst the trees there is a boss Covered in leaves, vines and moss It would scare away any other tree It would even scare away the queen bee! Its name was O-mighty And its age was going on ninety! Shouting at everyone, it was very bossy And he made
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Harry’s Forest School

Today in forest school we did lots of fun things such as: playing 1,2,3 where are you? ; making tree spirits to scare away people who will litter O mighty tree’s forest; making a huge nest out of the things surrounding us; going on a hunt for different colours and getting MUDDY! I hope next week is twice as good!

Sophie’s Forest School

In ‘Forest School’ you do a variety of things: You make tree spirits out of clay and mud. We play games, 1,2,3, where are you? Making nests out of sticks and logs. We went adventuring for different colours of nature Each week we will be learning something new It’s exciting and adventurous what you can do In the outdoors, in the puddles and the
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Tilly’s Forest School

On Wednesday 22nd June, the class of year 6 went out doors to do forest schools. As we were walking, we identified different types of trees – using their shape and colour. When we got there, we played a game called’ 123 where are you’; which was like hide and seek. After that, we made a circle made of sticks to sit inside of.
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Through Jamie’s eyes…

On Wednesday, our teacher handcuffed us all and took us away from school. She led us down a path – that led on for about three hours. The path led along a countryside; all we could see was grass and trees. At the end of the path there was a slope that led down to a forest. The forest was dark; because the leaves
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Chemistry with Cabbage…

Wow! Year 6 have become excellent scientists this morning. We have been exploring different solutions for their acidity. We created our own indicator using red cabbage!

Day 4

Despite the intermittent drizzle we have had a fab day including: the giant swing, trapeze, all aboard and abseiling. The children have been tremendous at supporting each other to conquer their fears and push themselves to do things they didn’t think they could! We’re off for tea now and then toasting marshmallows and singing songs around a campfire. Pictures to follow later when there
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PGL – Day 3 in pictures


Day 3

Lots of sleepy-heads this morning! The sheep are baaing and bacon has been sizzling in the canteen. We’re looking forward to a day of canoeing, archery, ropes and challenges. *The wifi is quite slow to upload here and we are out all day with the children so it is only after I have got them to bed (albeit not asleep) that it is possible
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PGL Day 2

We have been blessed with another day of fantastic weather at Winmarleigh for our exciting outdoor activities. Today’s activities included: the high ropes; survival, problem solving and orienteering. The day was finished off with an orienteering types challenge to find hidden flags by reading a map, then answering questions about the country. It’s all quiet out on the corridor – I think they are
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Day 1

We’ve had fantastic weather this afternoon and have played lots of football, challenge team games and robot wars. The children are looking forward to their tea now. Photos to follow as they are slow to upload here!

We’ve arrived!

The sun is shining and we’ve arrived! We’re having an explore around the grounds and playing some sports up on the field.   ?☀️

Y6 are off to PGL

Our bags are packed – we’re on the coach – Mrs Jones is singing! Bring on the adventure!

We made it!

Dear Parents of children in year 6, I’d just like to say a HUGE well done to all the children for completing their SATs this week. (And thank you to the rest of the school for accommodating us, as we took over all the spare spaces in the school!) The children have worked incredibly hard and I know they will have tried their best
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Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth II

To celebrate, in maths this morning, we came up with 90 different ways to mathematically make 90! We had lots of fun using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, brackets, negative numbers, square numbers, cube numbers and even exploring Roman Numerals!

100 word challenge prompt – Easter Weekend

This week’s prompt is: I knew I had to change Really think and plan before you start to write. Make sure you proof read, edit and improve before handing in or submitting on the blog! Have a great week of writing! Check your spelling, punctuation and handwriting! Remember, your writing should only be 100 words long!

100wc – week #11

This week I lost my wifi connection at home. I was in a real state which was quite worrying that life can be so dependant on the internet. Anyway, the good thing was that a local coffee shop let me use their connection and I was able to get it all done. So, I am using that experience for this week’s prompt and it
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100wc – Week #10 prompt

This week we have a photograph for you to look at. It is a statue of 3 men talking. Things to think about before writing: Look at how they are dressed? What country might they be in? What jobs do they do? What could they be talking about? Are they happy/worried/concerned? Really think and plan before you start to write. You could use this prompt
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100 wc – Saskia

I’m a girl who likes all types of things and flying hasn’t been my thing and I always liked princesses and then I realised that princess don’t really fly so it was time to change a few years later … I past my exams and went to flying collage and then I was flying but I had to have a proper job and I
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100 wc – Bethany

Fire; bright, burning, blazing fire. “I was scared, really scared, but that couldn’t stop me. They came to save me, so I had to co-operate. They pulled, I tugged but I was trapped. Wounded, crying and distressed I was dying. That was when they saved me, opening their wings and pulling me out.” “Ok, thanks for your time” replied Officer Wilde, ”I’ll be back
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100 wc – Grace M

The air was cold but all i could hear is the screaming dragons . they screamed all night long every night . i hardly get any sleep . i had to train on the dragons. but today was different they were angry and all fighting , but then i saw Mr king . Mr king was the king when he turned up all the
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100 wc – Tilly

Fire It was one gloomy day in fly town, everything was bleak and dull, then I heard a sudden scream. It echoed from the castle, soon enough I saw flames , firing in all directions. Suddenly I saw little men flying over the castle walls, they were the towns fire brigade. They had wings like dragons, they had hats like the ends of bananas,
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100 wc – Benjamin

Agh fire, in case you are wondering, let’s go back 2 days ago. So I was minding my own business when an old man told me to follow him so I did. He took me into an abandoned building, went down some stairs and said “can you keep a secret?” and I said “sure” “great!” said the old man. Then walked down some more
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100 wc – Daisy

Everyone has seen strange stuff , right ? But one little girl saw it all and just in one mad day ! … She opened the door to find Mrs Webblewobbler singing the national anthem ,break dancing in skinny jeans and an adidas hoody (that was a sight for sore eyes !). Mrs Webblewobbler was not someone to sing and dance ! This was
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100 wc – Billy

Today was the day, the day we are trialling our new fire fighting wings. The feeling in the fire station was different than normal, my colleagues and I were nervous and excited. The emergency siren started to ring, we were needed to rescue a lady and her child from a multi story building that was engulfed in flames. The wings were ready the firemen
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100wc – Lauren

Screaming and crying all around me, black figures darting away where I could no longer see them. I was alone, for all I could see- flames drowning me in my own red blood. This was my last breath before I will go to the after world. Suddenly, I could hear a faint swoop near me as I rolled over to same myself. Nearer and
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100 word challenge – Bethany

Creak. I turned round and saw it. The door opened and there it was. A tiny round golden sphere, with fantastic detailed silver wings. The golden snitch was in my PGL room. Amelia, Clara and Grace turned round and stared in absolute awe. As I lifted it, it started to glow bright yellows and oranges. Then sucked us all in and we found ourselves
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100 word challenge – Sophie

My friend Isabel told me about her horrific summer at her holiday home in the Caribbean where there had been a tragic accident or was it a murder? It all began on the beach just outside her villa where her Dad came up with a brilliant plan to have a party on the beach for her mum’s birthday . Isabel’s father went to go
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100 word challenge – Jamie

She was shocked to see her dog turning agains’t her Dad. “Dad, are you ok?” Asked Gemma. Her Dad didn’t answer, his head was bleading. There was no sign of the blood stopping soon. Her dog must have had some reason to attack her dad, he was usually so kind. She started to run after Buster. He saw her running after him, and turned
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