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Year 4 Forest School

Year 2C – Forest School Communication

Year 2 have been super observant of our forest school environment and have guided each other around obstacles. Super communication and teamwork.

Year 3: Stone Age Forest School

Map-tastic Year 4

Year 4 were challenged to work in teams and as a class to solve a puzzle… … a map of Europe. Tomorrow we get to finally piece all the individual teams’ strips together!

Our Forest School Roman Roads

On arriving at our ‘Forest in the Dip’ this morning, we discovered it was a little squelchy underfoot, so, after exploring the area with different senses and making friends with trees, we had the challenge of building our own version of a Roman road (path) to avoid the incredibly squishy, squelchy, slippy and slidey mud! Please feel free to add any comments to our
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