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Birds – Floella Y4

Ben’s Hayfever Forest School Poem

On Wednesday 22nd of June, class 6 had their lesson of forest school. I did not enjoy it very much, having hay fever sucks. At the start we played a game at the end, we played it again. Then we made tree spirits from clay, on the trees they lay. They were supposed to scare people away, so we could come back another day.
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Sophie’s Forest School

In ‘Forest School’ you do a variety of things: You make tree spirits out of clay and mud. We play games, 1,2,3, where are you? Making nests out of sticks and logs. We went adventuring for different colours of nature Each week we will be learning something new It’s exciting and adventurous what you can do In the outdoors, in the puddles and the
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100 word challenge

Your writing homework this week is to write an entry for the 100 word challenge This week you will need to think about punctuation as the prompt is a question. Really plan out your story before you start to write. That can really help make sure you use only 100 words and that the story flows. The prompt is: …how could something so tiny…
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