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Year 3 – Willow decorations on our Solstice tree

Year 4 Forest School

Year 3: Stone Age Forest School

Super Scarecrows

Year 4 worked incredibly creatively and cooperatively to make a superb scarecrow. As we had been exploring the epic poem, Beowulf, we decided to have a Beowulf scarecrow – holding onto the arm of the hideous monster, Grendel. UPDATE: WE WON THE CLASS SCARECROW PRIZE!

Forest School – muddy settlement fun

Exploring the Character Rosie Revere – Y4

Year 4 have been exploring the character of Rosie Revere Engineer and thinking about her thoughts and feelings at different stages in her life.

Maths Museum

To explore fractions in year 4, we have been creating maths museums of all the different ways to show a fraction. We used all sorts of different materials and thought creatively.

Blodin the Beast

This week year 4 have started to explore the text, ‘Blodin the Beast’. We got in to role as Blodin to explore him as a character – then shared our thoughts and feelings about him.    

Year 4’s The 6 x table song

IMG_0945 Click here to see Year 4’s 6 x table song!

Leaf Critters – Year 4

Year 4 have truly been inspired on their visit down to our woodland area. Their challenge was to collect natural materials then use their creativity to present leaf imaginary leaf critters! An amazing selection of creativity.