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Y3G – making magic sticks @ Forest School

Year 4 Forest School in the morning mist

Year 4 Forest School

Year 2C – Forest School Communication

Year 2 have been super observant of our forest school environment and have guided each other around obstacles. Super communication and teamwork.

Forest School – muddy settlement fun

Tree planting in Year 4 – day 2

Bronze Award from the Woodland Trust

Greave has now obtained the Bronze Award from the Woodland Trust in relation to our involvement in learning about trees – including planting trees. Well done to Year 4 for this week’s tree planting and a big thank you to Miss Clayton, Mr Houlihan and Mrs McKenzie for helping us.

Forest School Tree Planting

105 woodland trees were planted by the treerific year 4 children (and supported by Miss Clayton, Mr Houlihan and Mrs McKenzie). What a fantastic morning – amazing team work!

A superbly muddy Forest School – Year 4

Forest School Hallowe’en Special – Year 4

Forest School week 3 – Year 4

What a beautiful morning we woke up to this morning! Year 4 set off in high spirits to collect fallen twigs, sticks and branches from around the school grounds to tidy up after the powerful storm of yesterday.

Forest School First Steps…

Wow, what an amazing morning year 4 had down in our Forest School. Lots of exploring our surroundings and using our imaginations to create. Big thank you to our parent helpers this week: Lucy’s dad and Cassie’s mum. If you are available and fancy joining us one week please let me know.

Brooke – Forest School Poem

We got in teams and made a shrine To the Greek god of choice ‘Till we ran out of time We wove the grass In and out Even though the sticks wobbled about We collected grass for the floor Unfortunately we forgot the door We collected our symbols An ‘apple’,’shell’ and a ‘crown’ That was our day at forest schools We enjoyed it ‘cos
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Saskia – Forest School

Forest school …we were shall I began ? Are teachers take us down to the mighty tree and see if the mighty tree will let us in ? We Bow and then we enter.we start off with a great game 123 we’re are you 123 were here then we make a big sircal and sticky feet then out of clay we made tree spirits
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Erin – Forest School

We walked along the muddy grass not knowing what will happen, O mighty tree we prayed. First we played an amazing game called. 123 where are you after that we did sticky feet in a circle, Our instructions were to make a god or goddess out of a video we watched before we came out  but all we could make it out of was
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Ben’s Hayfever Forest School Poem

On Wednesday 22nd of June, class 6 had their lesson of forest school. I did not enjoy it very much, having hay fever sucks. At the start we played a game at the end, we played it again. Then we made tree spirits from clay, on the trees they lay. They were supposed to scare people away, so we could come back another day.
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Lauren’s Forest School Poem

In forest schools there is lots to do; Building, surviving and sitting in dog poo! Amongst the trees there is a boss Covered in leaves, vines and moss It would scare away any other tree It would even scare away the queen bee! Its name was O-mighty And its age was going on ninety! Shouting at everyone, it was very bossy And he made
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Harry’s Forest School

Today in forest school we did lots of fun things such as: playing 1,2,3 where are you? ; making tree spirits to scare away people who will litter O mighty tree’s forest; making a huge nest out of the things surrounding us; going on a hunt for different colours and getting MUDDY! I hope next week is twice as good!

Sophie’s Forest School

In ‘Forest School’ you do a variety of things: You make tree spirits out of clay and mud. We play games, 1,2,3, where are you? Making nests out of sticks and logs. We went adventuring for different colours of nature Each week we will be learning something new It’s exciting and adventurous what you can do In the outdoors, in the puddles and the
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Tilly’s Forest School

On Wednesday 22nd June, the class of year 6 went out doors to do forest schools. As we were walking, we identified different types of trees – using their shape and colour. When we got there, we played a game called’ 123 where are you’; which was like hide and seek. After that, we made a circle made of sticks to sit inside of.
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Through Jamie’s eyes…

On Wednesday, our teacher handcuffed us all and took us away from school. She led us down a path – that led on for about three hours. The path led along a countryside; all we could see was grass and trees. At the end of the path there was a slope that led down to a forest. The forest was dark; because the leaves
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